Our guiding principles

We are a full-service agency focused on bringing ideas to life – and this is how we do it.

Independent thought is a great gift, so what’s the point of mindlessly following the crowd?

We encourage our staff to engage their minds; to strive for new ideas and new ways of thinking; to get involved; to take an interest in the wider world; to look with fresh eyes and to question everything.

Our business is driven by the need to deliver the right message precisely, regardless of the medium we use. All our work is directed by a set of guiding principles that we believe guarantee success:

1.To fully understand your business and that of your competitors.

2.To create strategically driven campaigns, using the most targeted selection of communication tools.

3. Always to strive for creative excellence.

4.To recommend the most cost-effective solution to achieve the best possible results.

5.And always provide the highest level of client servicing.

Similarly, we firmly believe in the Confucian version of the Golden Rule “We must always treat others as we would want others to treat us.” And virtue based upon harmony with others achieved through ethical practice, tolerance and respect.

Digi Berry
Managing Director

Keen on being green

There are also things in this world that just make perfect logical sense, which is why Wonderberry has been committed to recycling since we opened our doors in 1994; it’s always been common sense, regardless of the ‘carbon footprint’. And we are always striving to find new ways to improve on this.

We get on our bikes! – 50% of our staff cycle to work daily and the trend continues to grow.