Human Rights

Wonderberry is committed to creating and maintaining a positive and professional working environment. We prohibit any form of discrimination or harassment with respect to the violation of human rights and other approved principles relating to labour, environment and corruption.


We recycle as many office consumables as possible including paper, plastic, packaging, toner, books, merchandising, art material, printed matter, stationary, furniture, cartridges and computers etc. We aim to keep all waste to a minimum and strive to work with suppliers who are actively introducing their own environmentally friendly and recycling processes. Recycling for us includes other non carbon related recycling such as charity donations.

We are constantly assessing our energy usage and reducing it where possible. We encourage all employees to take an active role in energy reduction from the basics such as switching off all unused equipment and keeping lights and heating/air conditioning switched down when possible to cycling/walking to work. We aim to purchase equipment which is rated as more energy efficient including flat panel monitors and computers with a high performance to low wattage ratio.

Carbon Footprint

As a business in a global environment, climate change represents one of the greatest challenges we face. We aim to reduce our operational and personal carbon footprint wherever possible and recognise that tackling these issues involves addressing both our direct and indirect usage.