The Festive Final Countdown


It’s that time of year when all the big Christmas advertising campaigns launch and the marketing press is buzzing with comment on the successes and the occasional mis-hits from all the big brands.


We all know that the run up to the festive period is a crucial time for retailers as people’s buying habits change rather dramatically at this time of year. Shopping trolleys are fuller than usual, as Mums (let’s face it, it is mostly mums) stockpile in readiness for the influx of family and friends. And after being frugal all year, counting her pennies and making cost savings wherever possible she is driven and encouraged to indulge, up-scale her brand choices to deliver the best and most memorable Christmas for her loved ones. There are some highly emotive impulses at play and the best Christmas ads capture the very essence of these.


As well as escalating grocery bills, there’s the whole other issue of gift buying. We’re been repeatedly told that the economy is, at long last, making a hesitant recovery so Xmas 2013 will be an interesting one to watch. How confident will we be when it comes to splashing out on those big presents?


From the slew of current mid-season sales, retailers are clearly out to catch the early bird and smart shoppers could indeed bag a bargain and spread the load of the festive bill.


From the campaign work Wonderberry’s done for our clients this Christmas, it appears many brands will be looking to deliver added value by offering special product promotions and additional discounts to reward customer loyalty.


In the Wonderberry office we’re optimistic that it will be bumper Christmas. The festive CD is itching to come out of the cupboard and plans are well underway for the office party. In terms of planning we’re already well into 2014. So before Christmas 2013 is consigned to memory here’s the festive ad that is currently jingling our bells… a fantastic piece of storytelling from John Lewis


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