Are blogs soon to be a thing of the past?

Yes, we note the irony of the headline. But recent news reports suggest that industry insiders are already questioning the effectiveness of content marketing, wondering if it has reached a flash point where consumers, having been bombarded with content from all angles, are now growing immune to it. In the rush for ‘brands to become publishers’, many have forgotten that relevance to readers is still critical. Creating stories which resonate and communicate, and add context and depth to the brands that tell them is still the best way to make your content marketing strategy successful. What’s more, blogs on their own are not enough. The other half of the content marketing battle lies in having a comprehensive social media strategy using a range of channels as an outlet for your thoughts and ideas, or in the case of campaigns, taking your customers on a journey.

We don’t think blogs are soon to be a thing of the past, just as the much maligned email marketing is still going strong for many; but as with everything else in our crowded world, if you want to achieve stand-out, it’s best to think about who you talking to and what they might want to hear.

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