Marketing budgets rise sharply, according to Bellwether Report

It’s one of the most positive indicators the marketing industry has had for a while; that the grip the recession has had on the economy is starting to loosen.

The latest quarterly Bellwether report (Q3) which is hugely respected in our industry and a good indicator of confidence found a net balance of 12.3% companies had increased their marketing budgets. (Net balance includes those who scaled down their budgets as well). It’s the largest quarter-on-quarter rise since the survey first began 13 years ago and a welcome sign.

And although the report’s author included a note of caution about ‘false dawns’ which we’ve experienced before in 2010 and 2011, in general, the overall mood is optimistic.

At Wonderberry, we’ve adapted to the uncertainties of the last few years as many other prudent agencies have also had to do. But perhaps we can now start to breathe more freely and look forward to the challenging work that bigger budgets will undoubtedly bring!

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