Wonberberry to Live Below the Line!


From 29th April – 3rd May the Wonderberry team is going to ‘Live Below The Line’ and raise money for our client, ChildHope! This means, for five days we will each have to survive on just £1 a day to buy food and drink to raise awareness of hunger and poverty around the world.

As anyone that knows our office eating habits will testify this is going to be a huge undertaking as we all love our grub (and a little tipple). It means none of the usual red meat, biscuits, chocolate, wine, cigarettes and cheese and onion crisps – unless we deduct these luxuries from our £1 a day allowance. Yikes!

The money we would usually spend on food and drink during those 5 days will be donated to ChildHope. To show your solidarity for this truly worthwhile cause we’d like to ask that you help support us in some small way. You can either:

–          Sponsor us online https://www.livebelowtheline.com/me/wonderberry

–          Skip your lunch for one day and donate that money to ChildHope

–          Alternatively, if you’re feeling brave join us!

–          Sign up: https://www.livebelowtheline.com/uk-childhope


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