Ecstasy film premiere shows off Savage Sovereigns

London’s Ministry of Sound hosted the UK film   premiere of acclaimed author Irvine Welsh’s Ecstasy, with lead actor, Adam Sinclair, boldly sporting Nicholas James’ Slag sovereign ring on the yellow carpet at this eagerly anticipated event.

Commenting on his eye-catching jewellery Adam chuckled; “The sovereign’s a bit of a statement isn’t it! It says here’s me with my big b*****d rocks. I absolutely had to wear it when I saw it in the jewellers. We actually went to Nicholas James to select something beautiful and understated for my wife. So I think I won that one! The craftsmanship is phenomenal, it’s so rock and roll; the ideal accessory for a movie premiere about club scene!”
Nick Fitch, designer and founder, of award-winning contemporary British jeweller, Nicholas James, has fulfilled a personal ambition to bring back the much maligned Sovereign ring. The Slag ring worn by Adam retails for £24,995 and is an unashamedly masculine, jewel sprayed piece that encapsulates a sense of modernity and an element of the unexpected. Elaborately set with a multitude of diamonds in shades of brown, grey and white some of the gem stones have been intentionally positioned upside down, with pointed pavilion facing outwards to deliver a sharp shock if needed.

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