A fusion of ‘West meets East’

foo-chopsticksExclusive to Harrods, Foo Fitch complements our growing appetite for fusion food by combining the western cutlery culture with classic oriental chopsticks.

Each piece has been hand crafted, silver plated and finished with a series of pavé diamonds in a subtle arc at the base of each handle along with one of Nick’s signature solitaire diamonds even in the cutlery rests. Conceived by Nick Fitch, designer and owner of Nicholas James, Foo Fitch is the latest in a series of unusual assignments that transfer Nick’s design philosophy and jeweller’s skills into highly desirable and stylish pieces that both surprise and delight.

‘The collection was inspired by the ever increasing wave of new fusion food that we all enjoy. But now you’ve got just the cutlery to eat it with. I’ve combined the clean lines of the chopsticks with specially selected slender western cutlery pieces, a slim-line serving fork and soup spoon. But no knife as there shouldn’t ever be a need for knives where oriental food is concerned.’ The 5 piece set is completed with two diamond set, sterling silver English cutlery rests, one for the spoon and fork and one for the chopsticks.

Following the creation of the 888 spoons and 150 diamond lamp – ‘The Orb’ last year, this is the next collaboration between these two British companies, Arthur Price of England and Nicholas James.

All diamonds used by Nicholas James are certified conflict free through the
Kimberley Process.

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